Santorini Tours 

Santorini Tours is the best way to explore one of the most amazing islands on Mediterranean Sea. The island of Santorini is full of beautiful beaches with extraordinary colors due to the volcanic properties of the sand. It also features traditional villages and interesting archeological sites (Akrotiri, ancient Thira) and museums. Santorini offers cutting-breath views and magical sunsets.

A world-famous landmark of the island is the active volcano, as well as the caldera and the cliffs, created by a series of volcanic eruptions. Our Santorini Tours provide you the opportunity to explore the beauty of this unique island.

We provide you the following Santorini Bus Tours with assistant, so that you can visit the most important places on the island.


Santorini Tours 4 Hours for 1 to 7 Persons



4 hours santorini private tourIdeal for short staying visitors or cruise ship passengers

Santorini Tours 4 you! Feel comfortable and flexible. Enjoy polite services and 100% flexibility. Arrange your private tour with our driver and choose the points of interest. Our driver and your personal assistant will guide you to the most interesting destinations.

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Visiting Santorini on a cruise ship for short time or staying in a local hotel? Let us welcome you and guide you to the island. Away from the heavily trafficked tourist sights, we can drive you to the right places and make you feel the real friendly and welcoming Greek spirit.

Relax and let our driver show you what we the citizens believe are the hidden treasures of our island. Explore Santorini in a 4 hours private tour, the best seller Tour on the Island!

You want more? Just arrange a tour extension with your driver or any changes of the programme.

Price : From 240 to 400 €

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* Drivers are not licenced guides; if you need a professional tour guide for your visits to the archeological sites (Museum, ancient Thira, Akrotiri) please ask us for an offer. Professional guides are licenced tour guides and they are qualified to offer professional guide services on the island.

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Santorini Akrotiri Tour: Explore lost Atlantis


Akrotiri is the name of the excavation site of a Minoan Bronze Age settlement. 

Certain historians hold this settlement, and the disaster that kept it hidden for the most of history, as the inspiration behind Plato's myth of Atlantis, as mentioned in his dialogues Timaeus and Critias.

The famous attraction, now rebuilt and re-opened, is probably one of the most interesting places to visit.

Akrotiri was buried during the widespread Theran eruption in the middle of the second millennium BC (during the Late Minoan period); as a result, like the Roman ruins of Pompeii after it, it is remarkably well-preserved. Frescoes, pottery, furniture, advanced drainage systems and three-story buildings have been discovered at the site, whose excavation was started in 1967 by Spyridon Marinatos. 
Check National Geographic Virtual Tour of Ancient Akrotiri

Price : From 80 €


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Santorini wine tour and wine tasting

Santorini wine tour and believes that Santorini wine is unique. 

In an unforgetable tour (of aprox. 2 hours), you can enjoy the famous Santorini view in one of the best locations, and taste Santorini wines at the same time.

We pick you up from your hotel or meeting point, bring you to the best place for wine tasting, let you rest and enjoy the relaxing view, taste some of the special Santorini wines and bring you back to your hotel or drop-off place.

Price : 45 to 90 €

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Prices in Euro include transfers, all taxes and paypal fee